Mission & Vision

We believe that the successful marketing method, and the only one that actually sustained over time, is the ability to do a job well and to deliver in style. We achieve this with the support of our team members who are passionate and honest about their participation in the PACC mission. We will fulfill and exceed the expectations of our partners by meticulously adapting the following approach:


Business Mission

▪   Encourage dialogue and Members participation to connect and bring business communities on a unified platform.

▪   Help Members convert opportunities into revenue, and fuel their success and growth.

▪   Assist Members to make contact with communities and emerging markets, and provide instant access to thousands of experts and other entrepreneurs from around the globe.

▪   Offer scholarships to qualified students


Business Objectives

The driving principle of Pakistani America Chamber of Commerce (PACC) is connecting people, communities, politicians, business and professionals locally and beyond boundaries

▪   Creativity is the ultimate economic multiplier. Our modus operandi shall be result driven to satisfy Members’ needs at all levels.

Each and everyone associated with the PACC must adhere to:

▪   a. What we say we do, we must do

▪   b. When we say, whatever we say, must be true

▪   c. When we commit deliverables, we must deliver

▪   d. We must respect and listen to of what customer says

▪   e. We must convert every opportunity into revenue

▪   Build a practical and economical way to develop qualified business leads

▪   Create an opportunity to showcase Members achievements, and promote products and services

▪   Ensure no in-house competition by offering multiple member per industry

▪   Exchange of business strategies among Members

▪   Be an instant sales force and extended office to Members


Advocacy Mission

The Pakistani America Chamber of Commerce (PACC) believes that strong vibrant bilateral trade between US and Pakistan is in the best interest of both countries. PACC is a business advocacy organization with the goal of promoting and increasing trade between the United States and Pakistan. PACC believes that the interest of the United States and Pakistan is best served through economic development. This will include

A  Creation of bilateral investment treaty agreement

B  Policy incentives to increase investments in Pakistan

C  Policy changes in Pakistan that make foreign investment easier and more attractive

D  Visa policy to ensure that companies are not punished for using foreign workers where necessary


Social Advocacy Mission

Along with economic policy, PACC also focuses on social policy. This will include changing US funding formulas for Pakistan, a focus on education reform in Pakistan, and changes in how aid is giving during crises situations.



To achieve global recognition through diversified knowledge process solutions by providing value based, quality driven, personalized and flexible services on a consistent basis.