PACC Members Charter

Welcome! As a new member, you’ll get a chance to become more involved in your community and to provide aid to other parts of the world through the opportunities that PACC offer.

All professionals agree that involvement is key to getting the most out of membership. Volunteer to serve on a committee that meets your interests, to be a greeter for monthly chapter meetings, or to join a service project team. These activities will help you get to know your fellow forum members and better understand the work of PACC.

Vocational Service

Vocational Service encourages Members to serve others through their vocations and practice high ethical standards.

Community Events

Community Events The application of the multitude of services provided in each vertical industries, business, and community life.

Community Service

Community Service covers the projects and activities the PACC undertakes to improve life in its

Tolerance & Understanding

Tolerance & Understanding The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

International Service

International Service encompasses actions taken to expand PACC ‘s humanitarian reach around the globe and promote world understanding and peace.

▪ Sustain and support increase forum membership and its services
▪ Make every project a success story
▪ Support lobby for US-Pakistan better relationship and mutual benefits
▪ Help Develop and strengthen business links between USA and Pakistan.