Services Charter

Marketing decisions target customers whose needs are most consistent with the Pakistani America Chamber of Commerce (PACC) resources and capabilities to support, develop and nurture forum members market, products and services. Creating value is a cross-functional endeavor, and marketing and non marketing executives alike must operate cohesively customer focus to make it happen.

PACC takes extreme care for its member’s products and services and their business charter in making introduction to potential market or customers and obtaining feedback for continuing improvement in member’s corporate image and product positioning and branding in current geo-political backdrop.

PACC strides to enables its members to enjoy success by exploiting changes in the marketplace by taking a focused and integrated approach to their overall operations. Strategic Networking is a social process involving the activities necessary to enable individuals and organizations to establish their standing not only in the emerging markets but also in matured ones.

The process of analyzing, planning, implementing, coordinating, and controlling any event involves the concept promotion and distribution of products, services and ideas designed to create and maintain beneficial exchange markets for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives.



Functional attributes of the knowledge management and social networking is quite unique. To achieve excellence, to achieve in-depth domain expertise and provide industry-specific services to our members, we have developed a comprehensive operational structure with well defined profiles. The Intelligence Services unit of PACC is fully transparent, independent and is chartered to focus on enhancing the performance and service levels for members and community on 24×7 format.



Pakistani America Chamber of Commerce (PACC) is envisioned as a national and International business and social networking organization that focuses on members building interactive business relationship, increasing sales, expand business and increase market penetration within local and beyond boundaries.

PACC will host productive multiple and exciting events in both locally and abroad marketplace,

providing qualified referrals and facilitating face to face introduction with potential clients. We leverage our relationships with a wide variety of corporations, financial institutions and affiliates to provide the most favorable structure for your needs for business expansion and exposure in new markets PACC offers you the advantage of dealing with a company that is known and respected for integrity and efficiency in successfully negotiating business transaction under the most favorable terms.

PACC offers highly personalized service to navigate through the red tape that is often involved in securing equity/debt investments for specialized projects, and our investment resources provide the flexibility needed to accomplish your financial needs for a wide variety of Proof of Funds for industrial, commercial and real estate projects. PACC ‘s investors can provide funding for qualified projects worldwide, and we are continually adjusting our platform portfolio to provide the best cost of capital and terms available to meet your projects requirements.

Through our partner relationships with banks, financial institutions, institutional Investors, private capital sources and experienced Board of Advisors, PACC will leverage its resources to be a catalyst of your success.

▪   Focus on creating a seamless integration of Clients products & services into revenue.

▪   Initiate assets acceleration process and create leverage strength to maximize profitability, growth and capitalize on US based branding

▪   Build and maintain client trust and branding image.

▪   Establish JV for concerned member’s “IP”

▪   Help Spin off sister company based on “IP” and global positioning.

▪   Be a single minded Member story tellers

▪   Launch “Members” program as a single minded, focused, unified sales, marketing and technical support program that gives diversified partners affiliates opportunities to

▪   Develop cooperative branding opportunities in the market

▪   Develop “go to market strategies” through dynamic and traditional & Direct distribution channels

▪   Drive co-operative revenue opportunities

▪   Develop joint solutions that expand product offerings and market potential

▪   IP licensing and sub-licensing to potential business under contract with Members.

▪   Co-operative community development programs

▪   Sustain and support increase forum membership and its services

▪   Make every project a success story

▪   Support lobby for US-Pakistan better relationship and mutual benefits

▪   Help Develop and strengthen business links between USA and Pakistan